Death Smasher

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The most addictive smasher game available on Google Play Store with a brand new graphic full of animations and awesome sounds that bring the user experience to a brand new level. The Earth has been invaded by some of the most scary monster in the universe, defend the planet by killing all the monsters before they reach the end of the screen.

Become a hero and save all the human beings.

How to Play:
- Tap on the monster to kill him
- Don't touch the boys, you have to save them
- Use the bombs carefully, they are very rare
- A super weapon is waiting you as you become skilled enough

- 7 unique characters
- 6 final bosses
- 3 play modes (story, survival, time)
- 100 levels to unlock
- 10+ achievements (synchronized with your Google Account)
- A global leaderboard to challenge players from all over the world