Customer Care Specialist / Localisation Specialist – German Native – Full remote

Milan, Italy Full-time

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To support our international growth we are looking for a Customer Care Specialist – German Native – Full remote – Seasonal Contract

Here is the role’s tutorial

  • “Be the first Guardian of the company”: minimize negative effects (e.g. economics, legal, privacy, brand and users retention) which can impact Whatwapp main mission;
  • Keep aligned with the Producer and Game Developers about bugs: keep an eye on all game features and anticipate any problems; Keep aligned with UI/UX Designer about users’ point of view and help him/her on thinking new features and optimizing current features;
  • Be the first Ambassador of the company;
  • Collect feedback from users and share them with the team;
  • Support team constantly improve the game and release the best version of itself;
  • “Be the bridge between Company and users”(keep collect feedback to improve game, manage users complaints, push and pull in two-way communication);
  • Satisfy users requests (e.g. bugs, opinions on new features);
  • Use users’ vision on development product roadmap;
  • Work closely with the Marketing team on managing users’ community and push notification activities;
  • Keep users engaged (Users are at the center of what we do); 

Technical Skills to boost your game:

  • German Native
  • English knowledge
  • Skat lover and/or knowledge of other traditional German cards games
  • Knowing traditions and rituals of your country
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Autonomy capacity
  • Good Computer skills

Day-to-Day Activities:

  • Customer Support: Support users on questions, additional information, and complaints about the game, through each social channel. You have to quickly reply to the user to resolve the problem if possible or to explain why is not possible to work on it. Be kind and gentle and always remember you represent the company;
  • Keep a positive game environment: Be the first moderator of the game, using internal rules as “The Bible” for users, notify cheaters. Doing everything is requested, in accordance with the internal rules, to have a healthy and positive community where everyone has had fun and entertainment;
  • Listen to users’ requests and needs and notify them to the team, using users’ ideas on team table discussions. Work with QA team. Be proactive in managing users’ bugs and on thinking of new features;
  • Reply to users’ reviews (App Store and Google Play) to improve games rating. Keep an eye on it and notify any changes;
  • Work closely with Marketing, scheduling, and publishing editorial plans. Manage game social page and be the first moderator of the community (e.g. Facebook page);
  • Localization and translation: Collect and give information about the market, the product, and users information thanks to your cultural background. Translate marketing and product texts;
  • Prepare and Publish editorial plan, doing push notifications to keep users on the game and work on users’ retention;
  • Reporting: Prepare weekly PPT to all team about customer care activities, reporting bugs and suggestions for new features, always using users’ point of view;

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