Game Economy Lead

Milan, Italy Full-time

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As a Game Economy Lead, your mission is to manage the overall economy balance and monetization of all our games. You will do this by providing guidance and mentorship to all our economy designers working at Whatwapp and helping them grow their tech skills to let Whatwapp reach its mission to build timeless games and bring fun into people’s lives.

1) Game Designers growth: you are accountable for the professional growth of every economy designer at Whatwapp. You should provide guidance, mentorship and support to all our economy designers to help them have the greatest positive impact on Whatwapp’s games.

2) Process & mindset: Supervise the economy designers throughout the entire creative and balancing process of a feature, in order to maximise game revenues and enhance player experience. Promote best solutions and practices by creating and managing processes to maximize efficiency. You ensure a mindset focused on a holistic approach to the whole game economy and monetization in order to increase the overall LTV while guaranteeing our players the maximum fun. You foster constant monitoring of the overall game economy in order to find potential issues and spot new opportunities of improvement through strong data usage and AB testing.

3) Cross product alignment: You ensure effective communication across different teams and departments by creating and managing organizational processes. You create various points of contact among all the economy designers and maximise knowledge sharing among all relevant stakeholders, to share winning strategies and implementations across different games.

4) Vision: you foster a vision of building the best possible products for our users with a “think outside the box” approach, always balancing disruptive tests and ideas with optimization activities.

Soft skills that you master

1) Ambitious achievement orientation – You are ambitious and are driven to accomplish goals;

2) Building a safe environment – You are an active listener and your main concern is to maintain a “safe space” for the team, in which people can freely express themselves;

3) Continuous Feedback – Understand the importance of giving and receiving honest feedback in order to boost learning, performance and trust for everyone;

4) Problem Solving – Sh*t happens, right? The important thing is to assess your options, take a decision and learn from it, so to prevent it from happening again;

5) Quality Orientation – You are a very precise and detailed oriented person, and you truly believe that our users deserve the best games possible;

6) Teamwork – We believe that cooperation and transparency are the main ingredients to cook the “success recipe”. You leave your ego out of the door and let the bigger purpose guide you;

 7) Innovation – Generates creative ideas and perspectives into vision&strategy discussions;

8) Creative Thinking – You are bursting with ideas, you think out of the box, you don’t get too comfortable. You devise new ways to carry out tasks, solve problems, reach goals;

9) Industry Knowledge – Demonstrates an understanding of industry knowledge and trends;

Detail orientation: Performs work with care, accuracy, and attention to detail

Technical Skills to boost your game:

  • At least 5+ years of experience as an Economy Game Designer or Economy Balancer
  • Experience with multiple aspects of game design discipline: concept, game progression, combat, interface, monetization, and retention
  • Modelling: you are able to simplify complex systems and to identify what primary and subordinate economic loops
  • Strong analytical abilities and able to synthesize game systems and mechanics to improve game features and systems
  • You master VBA, Python, R or any other scripting language
  • Passion about playing mobile free-to-play games


  • Statistical skills: you are able to formulate ratios and indexes and you know that you can’t just look at averages to form an idea about the economic performances
  • Background in mathematics and statistics is a strong plus

Power-ups to have more fun

  1. Smart Working policy.
  2. A young, dynamic and friendly work environment in which you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, thanks to our amazing team.
  3. Amazing HQ office in the center of Milan (M2 – Stazione Garibaldi).
  4. English courses provided by a native teacher (related to your english level)
  5. Monthly Product/Design/Marketing/Tech panels to be aligned with all departments’ results.
  6. Amazing workstation with the latest MacBook Pro and a Display Screen (Whatever makes you work better is welcome!)
  7. A topnotch contract proposal.
  8. Ticket restaurant when working from the office.
  9. Free Water & Coffe; once a month pizza lunch all together.
  10. Flexible work hours.
  11. Internal Team Building events.
  12. Relax Area with Sofà, Fooseball Table, and Board Games.

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