Tech Lead

Milan, Italy Full-time

Would you like to play with us?

As Tech Lead, your goal will be to help us grow one of our top mobile games in our portfolio, which currently is registering thousands of active users and revenues every day.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Translate complex features into technical requirements, development efforts and execution timeline.
  2. Ensure the game runs smoothly in every environment with a high number of active users while maintaining and optimizing existing features together with new ones.
  3. Have an active part in designing, architecting, implementing and testing features and iterations.
  4. Have full responsability of design, architecture, development pipeline and release process from a technical point of view while aligning constantly with the roadmap owner (Producer) about technical needs and feasability.
  5. Mentor for junior developers from the technical point of view providing constant and costructive technical feedback to their activity.
  6. Being able to drive the team and share experience and knowledge with more junior people

Soft skills that you master

  • Industry Knowledge: you are up-to-date to the latest trends on both gaming industry and game production;
  • Initiative: You are self-motivated and very proactive, being able to take decisions based on product priorities;
  • Ambitious Achievement Orientation: You are ambitious and are driven to accomplish goals; Your approach influence and motivate other team members
  • Building a safe environment: You are an active listener, and you do your best to maintain the “safe space” in which people can freely express themselves; You are able to influence other team members behaviors and actions;
  • Continuous Feedback: You understand the importance of giving and receiving honest feedback in order to boost learning, performance and trust for everyone; Part of your role is to create a “safe feedback moment”, with Producer help, for each junior developer to support his/her growth;
  • Innovation: You propose creative ideas and perspectives during discussions; You, with the Producer, lead the team discussion;
  • Problem-Solving: Sh*t happens, right? The important thing is to assess your options, take a decision and learn from it, so as to prevent it from happening again;
  • Quality Orientation: you always try to develop and release the best quality possible
  • Teamwork: We believe that cooperation and transparency are the main ingredients to cook the “success recipe”. You leave your ego out of the door and let the bigger purpose guide you;
  • Operational Planning: You translate features into technical tasks, manage the release schedule according to Producer planning and has a key role in resolving possible dependencies between technical requirements, tasks, and activities;
  • Work ethic: You act with honesty and integrity and exhibit hard work and diligence.
  • Detail orientation: Performs work with care, accuracy, and attention to detail

Technical Skills to boost your game:

  • At least 4 years on professional game titles. Preferably on titles with a life cycle of continuous development
  • At least 1 year as coordinator of other developers (Task orchestration & integration, Release planning and Task assignation)
  • At least 1 year of work on a large codebase; Ability to integrate new features in the codebase
  • Deep knowledge of Unity UI best practice / Caching strategies
  • Code review to find bottlenecks, help to improve the quality of the codebase and help the devs to deepen their knowledge
  • Post-release management (firebase)
  • Monitor mandatory plugins update and plan the integration
  • Architecture and optimization of the server-side codebase
  • Previous experience on more than one of these topics: Addressable management/profiling – Concurrent scripts optimization (server-side, reduce the number of calls) – Reducing network response time (caching, number of calls)
  • Understand cause & effect of a technical choice
  • Backward compatibility & future-proofing

Power-ups to have more fun

  1. Smart Working policy.
  2. A young, dynamic, and friendly work environment in which you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, thanks to our amazing team.
  3. Amazing HQ office in the center of Milan (M2 – Stazione Garibaldi).
  4. English courses provided by a native teacher (related to your english level)
  5. Monthly Product/Design/Marketing/Tech panels to be aligned with all departments’ results.
  6. Amazing workstation with the latest MacBook Pro and a Display Screen (Whatever makes you work better is welcome!)
  7. A topnotch contract proposal.
  8. Ticket restaurant when working from the office.
  9. Free Water & Coffe; once a month pizza lunch all together.
  10. Flexible work hours.
  11. Internal Team Building events.
  12. Relax Area with Sofà, Foosball Table, and Board Games.

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