Head of Data

Milan, Italy Full-time

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Here is the role’s tutorial

As a manager, you are expected to own the company:

  • Vision: design and foster, along with CEOs and management team, the company vision across both inner and outer teams through products. 
  • Strategy: start with the company main goal, translate it into product strategy and explode it into actionable steps to be implemented with the rest of the team.

Our Company Vision & Strategy splits in 4 main areas, for each of which you’ll be accountable:

1) Team growth & People management: full responsibility on team composition, team engagement, work ethic and cooperation. Plus the People management area: foster people growth, set career paths, manage performance, behaviours and attendance of team members.

2) Data area management: in charge of the functional kpis and the data area roadmap. You need to define the priority, the quality needed and the timing of: – taking care of the infrastructure maintainance and development – collecting, enriching and managing data – analizing data and support products have a clear vision about what’s happening into the game – supporting, developing and maintaining cross functional tools

3) Project management: explode the data area roadmap features into tasks, coordinate and prioritize those tasks and facilitate/enhance the team communication. The expected output are: sprint planning, the team meets its deadlines and ship with high quality, an overall improvement of the production process quality

4) Strategic Data usage: you bring the combined expertise of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Statistics to hone all your professional work, allowing teams to make quick, insightful and effective decisions. You will be working collaboratively across all parts of our business, including game teams, marketing, and game team business performance units to help crack companywide problems in how we can boost engagement, reach and monetization in our portfolio of games. You will do so for both our existing games and support our amazing next generation of games in production.

Soft skills that you master

1) Ambitious achievement orientation – You are ambitious and are driven to accomplish goals;

2) Building a safe environment – You are an active listener and your main concern is to create a “safe space” for the team, in which people can freely express themselves;

3) Continuous Feedback – Understand the importance of giving and receiving honest feedback in order to boost learning, performance and trust for everyone;

4) Problem Solving – The important thing is to assess your options, take a decision and learn from it, so to prevent it from happening again;

5) Quality Orientation – You are a very precise and detailed oriented person, and you truly believe that our users deserve the best games possible;

6) Teamwork – We believe that cooperation and transparency are the main ingredients to cook the “success recipe”. You leave your ego out of the door and let the bigger purpose guide you; 

7) Innovation – Generates creative ideas and perspectives into vision&strategy discussions;

8) People Management – Communicate effectively, translate company goals into personal KPIs, define team behaviors. Take full responsibility on team behaviors and legal consequences;

9) Building Teams – You have a clear vision of the soft and tech skills you need within your team to accomplish tasks and reach goals;

10) People Development – Provides support, coaching, training, and career direction to peers and subordinates;

11) Strategic Planning – You have a full understanding of the company goals and you can translate them into an actionable and practical roadmap;

12) Understanding Data – It is ok to follow your gut, as long as you have looked at the data, have understood it, have checked it twice and you take a critical and informed gut decision;

13) Motivating Others – Find the motivational lever for every person in your team, inspire them to reach their full potential and lead by example;

14) Information analysis – You are able to understand all patterns in data, discovering, modelling and interpreting all data from sourcing to interpretation;

15) Problem identification – You constantly question to yourself: From this set of data what important findings you can glean? What’s the main goal of this data research? What do we know about the context of the data that we can investigate further for business impact?

Additional Information

Technical Skills to boost your game:

  • At least 3+ years of successful experience as a people manager;
  • At least 3+ years in similar Level Role (e.g Head of Data/BI, Data Manager, Data Warehouse and so on) in digital or startup/scale up environment
  • Previous experience working with Agile/Lean methodologies;
  • Analytical approach: translate issues in numbers and vice versa; use of analysis to break a problem down into the elements necessary to the problem solution
  • BD/MD in Math/Engineering/Statistics/Economic
  • Good knowlege of SQL, R, Python or other technical languages
  • Fluent in English language

Nice to have:

  • Past experience in Data governance (e.g. data sources, data aggregation, data storage, data infrastructure and so on)
  • Past experience in gaming or mobile gaming companies

Power-ups to have more fun

  • Smart Working policy.
  • A young, dynamic and friendly work environment in which you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, thanks to our amazing team.
  • Amazing HQ office in the center of Milan (M2 – Stazione Garibaldi).
  • Monthly Product/Design/Marketing/Tech panels to be aligned with all departments’ results.
  • Amazing workstation with the latest MacBook Pro and a Display Screen (Whatever makes you work better is welcome!)
  • A topnotch contract proposal.
  • Ticket restaurant when working from the office.
  • Free Water & Coffe; once a month pizza lunch all together.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Internal Team Building events.
  • Relax Area with Sofà, Fooseball Table, and Board Games.

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